Four Ways To Speed Up Your Pending Divorce

If you are starting the process of a divorce, it might be in you and your family's best interests to speed up the process. This can cut down on expenses surrounding your divorce and let you move on and get closure faster. Here are four tactics you can take to speed up the overall divorce proceedings.

1. Give up Your Anger Towards Your Ex-Spouse

If a divorce can be processed without much turmoil by both parties, settlements can be reached faster. You and your spouse should refrain from being becoming stubborn during the process and can be guided by lawyers to keep a clear head if needed. Especially if there are kids involved, giving up your anger and working for what is best for you and your children should be the most important thing. This can help pave the way to more amicable custody arrangements and can hopefully keep you out of court.

2. Do the Legwork for Your Attorney

Your divorce attorney can only do so much with any discovery that is needed if you are unsure about assets or other things your spouse usually handled during your marriage. Anything that you can do to meet them halfway with details and documents can help speed up the process significantly. Gather documentation on properties, retirement accounts, liabilities, and your thoughts for custody arrangements ahead of time. This way you and your attorney can hit the ground running on the details surrounding your divorce with a clear picture of your needs.

3. Working With Mediators

Rather than trying to take your divorce to court, mediation can be a swifter process. This doesn't mean that you don't need representation or that your decisions won't be legally binding. Mediation can still help you and your ex reach agreements together in an official manner, but it won't draw out the process.

4. Agreeing to Settlements

If your spouse makes you a settlement offer before heading to court, don't immediately discredit this. Have your attorney look over any settlements that are on the table. Your spouse might be ready to play fair and finish up the process as well. A settlement that you aren't thrilled about but you can live with might let you move on and not waste more time on your divorce and having to possibly head to court.

Divorce isn't fun for anyone. If you are worried that your spouse might try to draw out your divorce proceedings, do everything that you can with your attorney to make this a swift process from your end. Being efficient and on top of the process can help move your divorce proceedings along.

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