Uncontested Divorce Lawyer: 3 Things To Avoid To Successfully File Uncontested Divorce

Everyone wants to live with their spouse forever and give their children a quality life together. Unfortunately, this reality doesn't always happen to everyone. When the marriage gets sour or becomes unbearable, the spouses opt to quit and live separate lives. However, it's good to know that divorce can be contested or uncontested. In a contested divorce process, the parties dissolve their union and fight it out in court. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen when it comes to uncontested divorce because the spouses just agree on how to divorce without fighting. In fact, they only sometimes go to court to seek the approval of their divorce agreement. Usually, uncontested divorce is a friendlier option, but here are three things you need to avoid to make it successful.

Don't Date During Divorce

Although you have agreed to divorce, it doesn't mean you should do anything you want to do before the divorce process is over. Of course, each of you wants to start a new life and forget everything about your marriage relationship, but you should be careful. During the uncontested divorce, you and your spouse decide how to go about it and agree on everything. If you agree not to date until the process is over, ensure you do so. Dating during the divorce process might turn your uncontested divorce into a contested process, which will only lengthen the process and make it costlier. Where possible, finalize the uncontested divorce process before you can start a new relationship or date someone else.

Manage Social Media Usage

Social media is a critical part of your life, and you don't have to keep it off simply because you are divorcing. However, you need to watch what you do with it because it may put you into problems. Don't post anything about your ex-spouse or inform your friends about your divorce process. If you post something that taints the reputation and image of your spouse, they may twist the case and complicate it for you. For instance, don't post statements like, "Go to hell," "You will regret it," or "Your days are numbered," among others. Although you may later delete them, you may not be off the hook if your spouse had taken a screenshot of the content. So, where possible, keep your divorce matters off your social media life.

Don't Tell Your Kids Anything Bad About Your Ex

It's usually tempting to find solace from your kids when divorcing, but you should be careful how you do it. You shouldn't bad-mouth or talk ill about your ex-spouse to your kids, even if they have hurt you. Your divorce case is likely to take a negative path if you do. Kids will always believe what you say, whether it's true or false. So when you bad-mouth your ex to them, they will disrespect them and show them contempt. This eventually affects their relationship and other aspects of your case.

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