3 Effective Strategies Your Legal Advisor May Use To Resolve Your Family Law Issue

Some family law issues are manageable, and you can solve them without hiring a lawyer. However, matters such as sharing family assets and deciding who will stay with the kids after divorce are high-stake issues. For that reason, it is challenging to reach an amicable agreement independently when these issues arise. Such situations call for the intervention of a family lawyer. Usually, family lawyers prefer solving the issues out of court because it takes less time and money to resolve. Here are some of the strategies your legal advisor might use to solve your family issue.

They May Use Mediation

Your lawyer can act as a mediator between you and your family members. In this case, they have to organize a meeting with the other party's legal team to discuss the contentious issues. Your legal advisor will only coordinate the talks without making decisions or pressurizing the other party to accept your proposals. However, they will advise you accordingly to ensure that you make wise decisions. Their guidance when preparing agreements will also go a long way in ensuring that you comply with the law. That way, you'll avoid disagreements or legal battles in the future.

They Might Use Arbitration

If your attorney and the other party's negotiator do not come up with an agreement acceptable to everyone, arbitration might solve the stalemate. In this case, you and your contender have to appoint an arbitrator. But first, your lawyers will help you set rules to guide the arbitration process. Then, the negotiators will let you argue the case before delivering their judgment. Usually, this decision arrived at from the arbitration is final except if the conflicting parties commit fraud or other illegalities.

They Might Use Negotiations

Consultation is an effective strategy, especially when discussing children's issues after the dissolution of marriage. In this case, your lawyer will organize a meeting with your ex-spouse's legal team to discuss and resolve the controversial issues. Alternatively, they can contact them through the phone, email, or any other communication channel. Even so, they will seek your opinion before discussing your wishes with the opposite party. During the consultative meeting, your attorney acts on your behalf and, in so doing, safeguards your interests.

Naturally, family issues are complicated since every party holds hard-line stands to fight for what they believe they are entitled to get. Therefore, you may want to enlist the services of a family law attorney when you can't solve family issues with your spouse or family member. They will use the conflict resolution strategies above and anything else helpful to help you find a solution without going to court.