Elements To Consider In Your Child Custody Settlement

One key stage in your divorce process is the child custody settlement. You'll have to work out the details of the custody agreement ahead of time to ensure that you and your former spouse both understand the expectations. When you're creating a child custody plan, there are some key elements that should be included and decided in advance. Here are some of the things you should know to ensure that you have a comprehensive custody plan to submit to the court. Read More 

3 Effective Strategies Your Legal Advisor May Use To Resolve Your Family Law Issue

Some family law issues are manageable, and you can solve them without hiring a lawyer. However, matters such as sharing family assets and deciding who will stay with the kids after divorce are high-stake issues. For that reason, it is challenging to reach an amicable agreement independently when these issues arise. Such situations call for the intervention of a family lawyer. Usually, family lawyers prefer solving the issues out of court because it takes less time and money to resolve. Read More 

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer: 3 Things To Avoid To Successfully File Uncontested Divorce

Everyone wants to live with their spouse forever and give their children a quality life together. Unfortunately, this reality doesn't always happen to everyone. When the marriage gets sour or becomes unbearable, the spouses opt to quit and live separate lives. However, it's good to know that divorce can be contested or uncontested. In a contested divorce process, the parties dissolve their union and fight it out in court. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen when it comes to uncontested divorce because the spouses just agree on how to divorce without fighting. Read More 

Time To Call A Child Custody Lawyer

Some couples work out the parenting arrangements after a divorce or break-up between themselves. However, matters dealing with minor-aged children are often far too important to leave to novices. The following circumstances are far from uncommon when a relationship ends. In many cases, both you and the other parent will need a lawyer. Even uncontested divorces can mean a need for legal advice and support. While it's helpful if you both can agree on child custody and visitation matters, you never know when some of the below issues will crop up. Read More 

Getting Ready To End Your Marriage

Deciding to divorce is a tough decision that can easily leave you depressed, broke, and dealing with all kinds of emotions. How do you do it? Open up to Your Partner The first step in a divorce is to tell your partner what you're thinking and why you want a divorce. Some reasons for divorce are infidelity, drug abuse, abandonment, and cruelty. It could be that you don't feel the same way for your partner as you did when you wed. Read More