Four Ways To Speed Up Your Pending Divorce

If you are starting the process of a divorce, it might be in you and your family's best interests to speed up the process. This can cut down on expenses surrounding your divorce and let you move on and get closure faster. Here are four tactics you can take to speed up the overall divorce proceedings. 1. Give up Your Anger Towards Your Ex-Spouse If a divorce can be processed without much turmoil by both parties, settlements can be reached faster. Read More 

Tips For Finding Hidden Assets Of A Divorcing Spouse

Thanks to tax obligations and technology, finding hidden assets is easier than you think. If you are in the process of getting a divorce, knowing how and where to look for hidden assets can make a difference in how much you and your spouse ultimately walk away with in the divorce decree. Here are some tips to help you track down assets you suspect your spouse is hiding.  Start With the Tax Return Read More 

Tips For Considering A No-Fault Divorce

If you're preparing to file for divorce, you may be considering whether you are going to file a no-fault divorce or a fault-based one. Although your divorce attorney may recommend one over the other, but either filing requires that you have some grounds for the filing. it is in your best interest to understand what actually constitutes a fault-based divorce, because the grounds for which you can file one are somewhat limited. Read More 

How To Handle Kids Who Want To Arrange A Parent Trap

Divorce is never easy on any members of the family, but it can have far-reaching effects on children. What some parents don't count on are kids who are actively trying to get their parents to reunite. They may be imitating popular books and films that present this as a possibility. "The Parent Trap" is a 1960's Disney classic film starring Hayley Mills, and the 1990's remake featuring Lindsay Lohan is equally beloved. Read More 

Child Neglect: Are You At Risk Of A Charge?

Recently, a small child fell into the gorilla pit at city zoo, leading to the gorilla being killed. Surprisingly, some people wanted the mother charged with neglect, sending a chill into the hearts of many parents who have temporarily lost sight of their own children on occasion. Other parents have been charged with neglect for their disciplinary actions and other parenting choices that they make. What is child neglect and what should you do if you are accused or charged with it? Read More